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Trevor Knox Trumbo (2010-2014)



Our lives changed forever the day our family found out that our son, Trevor (age 3) had a brain tumor. We saw commercials for kids with cancer but never thought it could “happen” to one of our kids. Trevor was our middle son who people were drawn to interact with. He had a quirky nature and the ability to make you laugh by just observing his mannerisms. Trevor had a successful surgery to remove the tumor and we were told that it was a grade 3 Anaplastic Ependymoma. The next course of action was to radiate where the tumor was.

We relocated part of our family to Houston, TX from Fayetteville, AR so Trevor could receive 33 proton radiation treatments. Trevor charmed the nurses every day and soon became a favorite. He would run with a smile from the playroom, through the waiting room, and through the halls back to his treatment room. The adults in the waiting room couldn’t fathom a child so excited for such an experience. Trevor breezed through radiation with very little side effects.

When we got home from Houston Oct 18, 2013, life finally seemed “normal” for our family. Trevor attended a part time preschool and we learned to cherish every moment with our boys. At the end of December we found out that our family would be moving to Memphis, Tennessee for my husband’s job. Trevor started having some random episodes of vomiting the day the moving trucks were loading us up. He was due for his routine MRI the next week but decided that we would take him to LeBonnheur Children’s ER. It was there on that snowy day on March 2nd that we were told Trevor had a new brain tumor and it was again large. He would be going into surgery the next day. An MRI before surgery also revealed that he had a tumor in his spine. How could this be happening? We thought our boy was going to be fine. It was then we learned the harsh reality of Anaplastic Ependymoma.

Trevor’s surgery was again successful and the doctor was able to removed 100% of the tumor again with almost no side effects. Re-radiating was not an option for him anymore. Trevor was placed on a chemo trial at St. Jude. We stopped the chemo about 4 weeks later when Trevor started experiencing severe back pain. The MRI revealed the chemo was not stabilizing his spinal tumor and he had 2 tumors in his brain. He had surgery to remove the tumor in his spine and we learned that “the horse was out of the barn” as far as new tumors popping up and continuing to grow with not a lot of successful treatment options. We tried a different chemo but Trevor’s tumors continued to multiply and grow larger. Devastation doesn’t even begin to describe the emotions we felt. Trevor was started on steroids to manage symptoms and we knew hospice was around the corner for us. Through Make A Wish, our family flew to Disney and attempted to ignore the reality that was waiting for us back in Memphis. Trevor still continued to make us laugh even though he was not himself on a very large dose of steroids and was starting to experience symptoms.

Trevor was placed on hospice the day we got home from Disney. He fought a few more weeks as a sleeping angel who couldn’t talk or really eat anymore. Angels came to take him home August 7th, 2014. He was just 4 years old.

We have made it our goal to bring more awareness to Ependymoma and pray that we are alive to see a cure for these precious kids one day.

Our Heroes

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