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Tanner Seebaum (1996-2013)


Tanner Seebaum battled Ependymoma brain tumors for most of his life. He was first diagnosed in July of 1998 with an Ependymoma at 22 months of age. He battled multiple recurrences and endured chemotherapy and radiation treatments for a good portion of his young life. Tanner underwent surgeries for recurrences in 2001 and again in 2004 followed-up by radiation. After the 2004 recurrence, Tanner enjoyed 8 years of remission and lived a normal life until learning in May of 2012 that his brain tumor had returned, only this time it was a combination of Ependymoma and Gliolblastoma and could not be operated on or treated effectively. Tanner and his family were told that Tanner only had months to live. Undeterred, Tanner decided even in the face of a terminal diagnosis to pursue his passions and dreams. He never allowed cancer and brain tumors to slow him down.

After being given such a short time to live, many people would fold immediately. Not Tanner. He exceeded the projections of survival and in just over one year (May 2012 – July 2013) he obtained his learner’s permit and learned to drive a car. He rappelled off a 40-story skyscraper. He went on vacations to the places he loved and continued to work out daily. He told his parents that because he loved music and technology, he wanted to become a DJ and he diligently worked for 3+ hours a day learning and perfecting his craft. Tanner used music and DJ-ing to channel his sickness in the last year of his life into something positive. Once again, he beat the predicted odds, living far past his diagnosis of only a few months and he became a great DJ. By the spring of 2013, Tanner was booking more and more gigs and receiving invitations to perform at venues around Denver. As the one-year mark for his diagnosis passed in late May of 2013, Tanner started having more serious symptoms and tests showed his tumor had progressed significantly. Still, his best was ahead of him. The DJ community in Denver had gotten to know Tanner (now DJ Seebaum) and his impressive talent and they put together an amazing benefit with some of the biggest DJ’s in the world flying in to play for free. Despite serious symptoms, Tanner opened up for the headliner and absolutely brought down the house. But he wasn’t done. The largest DJ show in the US is Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. Tanner was invited to perform during EDC week at the Hard Rock Hotel pool called “Rehab Day Club”. Predictably, he crushed it, despite the bigger-than-life environment. Tanner’s last gig was at Beatport Live, an international live stream headquartered in Denver that attracts the biggest DJ’s in the world. Again he set the standard, with dozens of employees dancing in the aisles. Thousands of people were inspired by Tanner who had an incredibly successful DJ career in only one year.

Sadly, Tanner lost his battle with cancer at the age of 16 and passed away on July 12, 2013 one month shy of turning 17. Tanner’s life and the way he lived it inspired those who knew him personally, and many people whom he had never met, who found inspiration through his music and determination; tapping into his positive energy and passion for living life to the fullest. Tanner is deeply missed but his spirit continues to live in the examples he set for so many.

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The Tanner Seebaum Foundation thanks you for supporting us since 2006. As of November 1, 2019, we have closed our doors.