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We support Pediatric Ependymoma and Glial Brain and Spinal Tumor Research.

In memory of Tanner Seebaum.
Supported Research

Our mission is to positively impact the lives of children affected by Ependymoma and Glial tumors of the brain and spine through funding and supporting viable medical research that will lead to more effective treatment options and ultimately a cure for this tragic disease.

Tanner Seebaum Foundation

Tanner Seebaum was an inspirational and courageous young man who battled cancer most of his life. The Tanner Seebaum Foundation was established in 2006 to honor Tanner, all he stood for, and to positively impact the lives of children afflicted with tumors of the brain and spine by raising funds for research in this field. Tanner lived in Denver, Colorado with his parents and sister. He received treatment at the highly acclaimed Children’s Hospital Colorado. Tanner’s family are strong supporters of Children’s Hospital Colorado and are active in raising awareness and support for pediatric brain tumor patients in Colorado, nationally and internationally. Tanner was truly a champion in the eyes of many and his fight against his disease has provided uplifting support and inspiration for those who knew him.

The Tanner Seebaum Foundation strives to fund medical research that will lead to a cure for this terrible disease. The foundation places special emphasis on the treatment of pediatric Ependymoma and Glial tumors of the brain and spine. We hope that you will find The Tanner Seebaum Foundation an important cause to support either through financial donations, volunteering, or just spreading the word about this important cause.

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The Tanner Seebaum Foundation thanks you for supporting us since 2006. We will be closing November 1, 2019.